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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

There's things in life which are just too beautiful to even begin to describe. Like meeting your favourite bloggers over a cup of coffee (which actually turned into juice and water, but whatever). Have a quick chat and know that they're exactly who you thought these two girls were: lovely, down to earth people who genuinely love what they're doing. Thanks again girls, and thank you Anna for the little video moment! I feel blessed. Find me at around 3:20. Wuut, celebrity moment!

Weird | Beautiful

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I think it is equally weird and beautiful. How we, as human beings, learn to love. And yes, I just finished watching a very touching romantic movie, but that's just me. It never, ever, ceases to amaze me. Think about it, if only for a moment. At some point in your life, somebody crosses your path. As unexpected and amazing and scary as it is, you let go. It's not giving up, it's giving in. Giving in to every heartbeat, every breath, every smile. It's a leap of faith, in a way. But more than any other person, you have to trust yourself. That this time will be good, that you'll be better.

In love, as in life, what goes around comes around. I don't really believe in karma. I always say so, as sort of a joke. But in the end, I only believe that the love you put into the universe comes around at some point. In rolling waves, you just have to be there when the tide hits. It could be any moment, there's no timetable. I think it's very bad for people to say "Oh, you know, now it's not the time". It's always the time. Honestly, time is always about here and now, no yesterday and no tomorrow. So if you want to miss your chance of whatever this is, you're free to do so. But I will judge you for this. My friends know this about me. I'm all about yes and maybe, I don't take no (and thank you) very well.

There's this quote I love, it basically says love cannot be mediocre. Hell to the yes to that! There are too many mediocre things in life, and I sure don't want it to be one of them. I've become quite the romantic, haven't I? I think we're a breed very close to extinction. Romantic and wild. I'll get that engraved on my headstone one day. "She lived happy, loved wildly, learned daily". That's how I want people to remember me. Actually, it might be soon to think about this, but we never know.

As silly as this sounds, I wasn't planning on one of these "lectures" people try and give on new year's day. It just came right out of me. Don't take this as something written for you, though. It was, and it is, for me. To remember, daily, after 2013 hit, that there's always room for happiness, even in the darkest of times. If only one remembers to turn on the light.

Even if your hands are shaking, and your faith is broken. Even if the eyes are closing, do it with a heart wide open. (good old John Mayer, always knows best)

Happy 2014.

Event: #GGDMilano25

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I came home last night, and I was very happy with what I'm doing in my life. I felt full of joy, satisfied even. Why? Because when you meet wonderful people, that are really passionate in what they do, and it just so happens that they're in your same field, you cannot skip the fact that it's a wonderful kind of job!

Me and my friend Alessia (read her blog also if you're italian, she's fab) went to the 25th Girl Geek Dinner Milano, basically a gathering of lovely ladies who, like us, enjoy all things tech-y and geek-y. This could be Para-para-paradise, quoting the very own words of Mr. Chris Martin. Find all info on the event, and more soon to come, here.

Here's how it works, briefly: there's a group of wonderful female hard workers, who find supporters for every night. These are usually brands, in the personification of other women, giving interesting speeches about their products to let y'all know what's up and coming. Plus, you get gadgets and there's a prize draw at the end. Should I carry on?

Yesterday's theme for the social thing was 'Geek at Work'. Now that, and the speakers for the night, had me immediately keen on participating. We had the pleasure to meet Giuliana Giacummo (Microsoft Office), Emma Page (Evernote), Elisa Cortello (Hootsuite) and last but not least Hedwyg van Groenendaal (Prezi).

I enjoyed a little drink and a chat, met an old friend from Uni, laughed my lungs out, listened, tweeted like a crazy person, took pictures. Emma's speech was the one who really captured me. Evernote is a tool I always wanted to use, but never fully understood. Now it's all clear, and I predict some serious elephant addiction coming my way! Overall, all of the presentations were great, short but full of meaning, and they all gave us super useful tips for our everyday activities, at work but also at home. Did you know that in the new version of Word (2013), you can treat a document like it's a blog post and then send it directly to publishing? Call me what you want, I sure didn't. But that's something that would save me a lot of useless transport of documents. A minute here, another minute there, I could go shopping or something instead!

Cutting to the chase, I came home with 1 year of Microsoft Office Home Premium in an 8GB drive, 2 months HootSuite Pro + HootSuite University and a HootKit, 3 months Evernote Premium and a t-shirt, plus a pair of crazy white sunglasses from Prezi. But most of all, I came home with the reassurance that there's a lot of wonderful ladies out there who, like me, really love all this, whatever you wanna call it. I'm proud to be a Geek. Capital G. Are you?

App Discovery #3: Vyclone

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I am still here, I promise. Cutting the chit-chat right away, we'll have time for that later, and off we go.
This week's App Discovery features something we got to know during lessons at the Master, Video Design, to be more specific.

Vyclone is an app, that lets you take videos. Boring, right? We couldn't be any more wrong, possibly. Vyclone is the first app that lets you crowdsource videos. And how is that possible? Easy peasy.
Look at this.
Yes, it is filming genius. It's having different angles and perspectives. It's seeing something from your friend's eyes, thus letting all of the emotions of the moment shine through. I think it has great potential. And so thinks Miscrosoft, who partnered up with the folks at Vyclone to bring social video to life. They experimented with is at SxSW (I'll be there next year, may it be the last thing I do). 

Anyway, here's a little something to show you what you might achieve:

Pretty good, eh? Jason Mraz asked fans to film this video for him using Vyclone. I can't wait to test it out, I bet it will be very nice to experiment with at parties or concerts with friends. What do you think? Will we all Vyclone together? Toodles.

Random #1 a.k.a. Awesome News etc.

Monday, March 11, 2013

I might as well have opened another 33 digital accounts. This is hard. Harder than I originally thought for sure. Especially since I started writing for my friend Laura too. Check out my posts for The Old Now here. I write about beauty (reviews, events, and so forth) and fashion, occasionally.

Meanwhile, I juggle in between my new job and my master. I'm having a hard time. There's positive notes too, don't worry. Tonight, for example, I'm going to a concert. It's Beach House, at Magazzini Generali here in Milan. In case you didn't know them, here you go. Totally recommended.

In other news, & Other Stories it's coming to Milan and they opened their online store last week. Awesomeness on a stick. I wish I had loads of money to spend on there, because the collection looks beautiful and really up my street. In case you're interested, here's my selected favourites:

Shirt Dress
Ribcage Ring

Leather Shoulder Bag

Flat Leather Sandals
Punk Bouquet Body Soufflé
I think the packaging of beauty products is so pretty, but then again I always get sucked in by pretty minimal packaging (see: Aesop Beauty, pure dream). Take the time to check out everything and write down your favorites, If you're like me and want to touch before you buy, let's wait for the store to open and be shopping buddies all together! 
What would you choose? Toodles!

Elections and Superheroes

Monday, February 25, 2013

These days I'm a little M.I.A. again. I'm working for the elections, meaning I'm a secretary in this little hole of a town I call home. Up to now it's been all ok and calm, but there's time to vote only until 3 pm. After that, we begin operations to assess votes, and that's a pretty hard job, trust me. It means opening all the voting forms and registering every single different expression of what we call democracy. Overall, it's a really interesting experience, I would suggest you to try if you have the possibility, to understand how the system really works, and feel more responsible towards the way you approach voting in general. 

While we're waiting to find out what's next for Italy (keep your fingers crossed, pretty please), here's a little something for you. Sorry for my overseas friends, but this is in Italian only, and it's a video some friends made. What if politicians were superheroes? And what about the Pope? Well, if you're curious, check this out. It's funny, I promise. Enjoy it!

App Discovery #2: Uber

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ok, I know it looks like I suck at this. I apologize, truth actually is I have a life outside the internet, you nerds. Kidding, I have really been busy though, with work and loads of other stories. Like fashion week, for example. More on that later. Now I want to introduce my latest app discovery, and this will blow ya mind, let me tell you.

Did you ever wish you had a private driver? I know I have. Especially since I live in Milan, where traffic is hell and public transport a nightmare. That being said, and me being almost broke, well it's never been that easy. Until now. Welcome Uber! I went to an event on Tuesday at Talent Garden Milan (Digital in the Round: an Eye on China) and got approached by Elena, Uber's uber-nice - pun intended - italian community manager, who offered to give me and my friends a promo code to try out this service, developed via iPhone app.

How it works: you insert your credit card details and set up your profile. Then, whenever you need, you set a pick up point. The app tells you how much you'll have to wait for the driver, but that's not even it! You'll see a photo of your private driver, his name and rating, plus the car model and plate number (they're all black cars, not recognizable otherwise). 

My experience with this service was simply flawless. I had the kindest driver pick me up from where I was and bring me to the station. He opened the doors for me, carried my luggage. D r e a m y. I know I'll never get a regular cab again. This is just too good a service to miss. Uber now runs in Milan until Midnight on Mon-Tue-Wed and up to 4 am on weekends, but they're trying to expand it even further.

And now a little suprise: with my promo code k9epu you can get a discount on your first Uber ride! If you try this service, let me know your thoughts. We can share driver, I'm not jealous!

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