Elections and Superheroes

Monday, February 25, 2013

These days I'm a little M.I.A. again. I'm working for the elections, meaning I'm a secretary in this little hole of a town I call home. Up to now it's been all ok and calm, but there's time to vote only until 3 pm. After that, we begin operations to assess votes, and that's a pretty hard job, trust me. It means opening all the voting forms and registering every single different expression of what we call democracy. Overall, it's a really interesting experience, I would suggest you to try if you have the possibility, to understand how the system really works, and feel more responsible towards the way you approach voting in general. 

While we're waiting to find out what's next for Italy (keep your fingers crossed, pretty please), here's a little something for you. Sorry for my overseas friends, but this is in Italian only, and it's a video some friends made. What if politicians were superheroes? And what about the Pope? Well, if you're curious, check this out. It's funny, I promise. Enjoy it!

App Discovery #2: Uber

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ok, I know it looks like I suck at this. I apologize, truth actually is I have a life outside the internet, you nerds. Kidding, I have really been busy though, with work and loads of other stories. Like fashion week, for example. More on that later. Now I want to introduce my latest app discovery, and this will blow ya mind, let me tell you.

Did you ever wish you had a private driver? I know I have. Especially since I live in Milan, where traffic is hell and public transport a nightmare. That being said, and me being almost broke, well it's never been that easy. Until now. Welcome Uber! I went to an event on Tuesday at Talent Garden Milan (Digital in the Round: an Eye on China) and got approached by Elena, Uber's uber-nice - pun intended - italian community manager, who offered to give me and my friends a promo code to try out this service, developed via iPhone app.

How it works: you insert your credit card details and set up your profile. Then, whenever you need, you set a pick up point. The app tells you how much you'll have to wait for the driver, but that's not even it! You'll see a photo of your private driver, his name and rating, plus the car model and plate number (they're all black cars, not recognizable otherwise). 

My experience with this service was simply flawless. I had the kindest driver pick me up from where I was and bring me to the station. He opened the doors for me, carried my luggage. D r e a m y. I know I'll never get a regular cab again. This is just too good a service to miss. Uber now runs in Milan until Midnight on Mon-Tue-Wed and up to 4 am on weekends, but they're trying to expand it even further.

And now a little suprise: with my promo code k9epu you can get a discount on your first Uber ride! If you try this service, let me know your thoughts. We can share driver, I'm not jealous!

General NY Fashion Week Awesomeness

Monday, February 11, 2013

The key to the success of this fashion week is one, and it's not what you think: the blizzard! Milan today looks a lot more like the North Pole, and it made me think of the bizarre weather that hit NYFW just a couple of days ago.

Since I'm very much into fashion, I decided to introduce more girly topics to this blog too. Well I hope you enjoy. Here's a roundup of the best things I saw coming our way from overseas. 

Jason Wu. Trough the eyes of NylonTv (love the magazine!). Other than being a buzzed show for The Neon Pants Lady - read the story, it's awesome - it was really worth it. Love the white pleated skirts, so happy I already own one from Zara. I'm not really a fan of ostrich feathers, but on a couple of outfits they don't look as bad as I thought they would. Overall an 8/10.

Prabal Gurung (Image via The Dolls Factory). Military to the max, austere, the color palette is perfect. Want want want. There's not much more to say about it, is there? I also checked out the collection in collab with Target (available at target.com), but didn't like it much, to be honest. Too much fluo, too many prints. But 9/10 for the runway show.

Rag&Bone (Image via ManRepeller). The dead seafoam leather jacket+skirt is simply a dream. Loved the color palette for the collection, the game of long/short pieces and the different materials (except satin, can't stand it). 8.5/10.

Rebecca Minkoff. Wearable. That pretty much sums it up, and it's no detail, comparing it to the usual fashion week vibe. Awesome accessories from her as always. My favourite look was the striped suit with the graphic tee. 10/10. And now I kind of regret the fact that I could have one, but didn't buy it last week. So fashion-forward-freak. 

Do you enjoy discovering the latest from Fashion Weeks around the globe? Any favorites? I wanna hear! Milan's just around the corner!

JulesBox: Goodnight Song #2

Sunday, February 10, 2013

M. Ward - Chinese Translation (2009)

Happy Chinese New Year!
It's the Year of the Snake!

Must Watch TV Shows of the moment

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm still debating whether it was a good idea to write this blog in English. But I think I'll debate with myself a little longer, unless you care giving an opinion on the matter.

Now let's get to the good stuff, a.k.a. things you should know, unless you've been living under a rock.

Image via Mashable
First off, I'm going to jump on the bandwagon and hereby declare that I looooove Girls, at the moment. It's fun. It's fresh. It's witty. The only thing I'm not so keen on, right now, is seeing Lena Dunham's boobs every single episode. We get it Lena, you're not aftaid to show off your body, well good for you and for our self-esteem. Thank you, message registered.

Image via Google
Moving on to another show, got to love my New Girl! Now that I have less time to waste, I really like this kind of shorter shows. If I lose an episode, it's less of a pain to watch two in a row. The funny tales of Zooey Deschanel and her flatmates are so entertaining, it's impossible not to like this. Plus, I relate quite well with her character Jess Day, cause - you know - I'm kind of weird like that. Thanks for releasing my inner dork, Zooey!

Image via The Following Tumblr
Third option is actually a newbie, which is getting a lot of advertising at the moment in Italy. For the first time, we're seeing this in time with the US on national tv, original language with subtitles and all (well, hallelujah!). It's The Following. I have to admit I haven't started this yet, but expectations are pretty high on this little fella. Will it be able to replace my Dexter?
Do you watch any of these shows? Do you have any others must I should give a try? Do tell me!

Planning a trip: the guide and the map

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Traveling is everything. It's exploring, discovering, having always new ideas and new dreams. It's one of the things that makes life, at least my life, worth living. Next destination is: Amsterdam. I'll be flying in the first days of March to go see Patrick Watson's concert with my beau. It was his gift for my birthday. Sweet.

I've been to Amsterdam once before, but it was kind of a hit and run. I didn't get to see anything, so it makes perfect sense to plan our weekend in advance, to ensure we get the most out of this little holiday.
I went ahead and made a cheeky little purchase: my favorite guide, a Lonely Planet.

I really enjoy reading these, they are really well written and the authors are often locals or people from english speaking countries who've been living overseas for a long time. Essentially, they're cosmopolitan guides, which is why I honestly like them. The only thing I don't get about this Amsterdam one, is why they suggest loads of Italian restaurants in the city. I. Don't. Get. It. I like to eat local, so I'm adding things to my MustSee/MustDo List thanks to MavenSay.

Speaking of Must See, there's a really nice initiative from KLM I'd like to share. It's called Your Must See Map (made by friends) and it's a really nice online app. Go check it out by clicking here. All you need to do is indicate your destination - there's quite a number of them available - give a name to the map and invite your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email to share some tips on it, so you know what you shouldn't miss. Genius, right?

Best thing actually is, KLM is giving away 20.000 printed custom maps, you can order yours right after you finish collecting tips. They print it, and you receive it within three weeks. The number of available maps is now around 18.000, so we're all still on time to get ours before we fly.

I'm getting one for our Amsterdam trip and I named it Amsterdamned. I know, I'm weird. Whatever. Please do share your tips with me, I'm trying to have it shipped in time to fully enjoy our weekend. Until then, happy traveling to everyone.

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