App Discovery #2: Uber

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ok, I know it looks like I suck at this. I apologize, truth actually is I have a life outside the internet, you nerds. Kidding, I have really been busy though, with work and loads of other stories. Like fashion week, for example. More on that later. Now I want to introduce my latest app discovery, and this will blow ya mind, let me tell you.

Did you ever wish you had a private driver? I know I have. Especially since I live in Milan, where traffic is hell and public transport a nightmare. That being said, and me being almost broke, well it's never been that easy. Until now. Welcome Uber! I went to an event on Tuesday at Talent Garden Milan (Digital in the Round: an Eye on China) and got approached by Elena, Uber's uber-nice - pun intended - italian community manager, who offered to give me and my friends a promo code to try out this service, developed via iPhone app.

How it works: you insert your credit card details and set up your profile. Then, whenever you need, you set a pick up point. The app tells you how much you'll have to wait for the driver, but that's not even it! You'll see a photo of your private driver, his name and rating, plus the car model and plate number (they're all black cars, not recognizable otherwise). 

My experience with this service was simply flawless. I had the kindest driver pick me up from where I was and bring me to the station. He opened the doors for me, carried my luggage. D r e a m y. I know I'll never get a regular cab again. This is just too good a service to miss. Uber now runs in Milan until Midnight on Mon-Tue-Wed and up to 4 am on weekends, but they're trying to expand it even further.

And now a little suprise: with my promo code k9epu you can get a discount on your first Uber ride! If you try this service, let me know your thoughts. We can share driver, I'm not jealous!


TheDollsFactory said...

is it cheaper than a taxi? how much did they chargebfornthe service? it looks like the town-car service in NY

Giulia said...

Yes, it is! It starts charging once you are traveling, instead of when you call, for starters. I had the promo code, but full prize from my house to the station, with traffic, would have been 22 euros. When you compare the quality of the service, I think it's so much better.

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