Planning a trip: the guide and the map

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Traveling is everything. It's exploring, discovering, having always new ideas and new dreams. It's one of the things that makes life, at least my life, worth living. Next destination is: Amsterdam. I'll be flying in the first days of March to go see Patrick Watson's concert with my beau. It was his gift for my birthday. Sweet.

I've been to Amsterdam once before, but it was kind of a hit and run. I didn't get to see anything, so it makes perfect sense to plan our weekend in advance, to ensure we get the most out of this little holiday.
I went ahead and made a cheeky little purchase: my favorite guide, a Lonely Planet.

I really enjoy reading these, they are really well written and the authors are often locals or people from english speaking countries who've been living overseas for a long time. Essentially, they're cosmopolitan guides, which is why I honestly like them. The only thing I don't get about this Amsterdam one, is why they suggest loads of Italian restaurants in the city. I. Don't. Get. It. I like to eat local, so I'm adding things to my MustSee/MustDo List thanks to MavenSay.

Speaking of Must See, there's a really nice initiative from KLM I'd like to share. It's called Your Must See Map (made by friends) and it's a really nice online app. Go check it out by clicking here. All you need to do is indicate your destination - there's quite a number of them available - give a name to the map and invite your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email to share some tips on it, so you know what you shouldn't miss. Genius, right?

Best thing actually is, KLM is giving away 20.000 printed custom maps, you can order yours right after you finish collecting tips. They print it, and you receive it within three weeks. The number of available maps is now around 18.000, so we're all still on time to get ours before we fly.

I'm getting one for our Amsterdam trip and I named it Amsterdamned. I know, I'm weird. Whatever. Please do share your tips with me, I'm trying to have it shipped in time to fully enjoy our weekend. Until then, happy traveling to everyone.


Topsy said...

Hi Giulia, first of all I would like to tell u that i'm a fan of ur blog! ;)
That's why I would love to help u with some tips to see in A'dam! I've been there quite a few times....
It's good fun to go to Madame Tussaud's Museum, just to have a few shots with ur favourite stars! ;)
The visit to the Heineken factory is quite a tour.... (and u get to sample some freshly brewed beer!!).
Last but now least, Mellow Yellow, address: Vijzelgracht 33 1017 HN Amsterdam. Trust me, a must see.
Take care!

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