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Saturday, April 20, 2013

I came home last night, and I was very happy with what I'm doing in my life. I felt full of joy, satisfied even. Why? Because when you meet wonderful people, that are really passionate in what they do, and it just so happens that they're in your same field, you cannot skip the fact that it's a wonderful kind of job!

Me and my friend Alessia (read her blog also if you're italian, she's fab) went to the 25th Girl Geek Dinner Milano, basically a gathering of lovely ladies who, like us, enjoy all things tech-y and geek-y. This could be Para-para-paradise, quoting the very own words of Mr. Chris Martin. Find all info on the event, and more soon to come, here.

Here's how it works, briefly: there's a group of wonderful female hard workers, who find supporters for every night. These are usually brands, in the personification of other women, giving interesting speeches about their products to let y'all know what's up and coming. Plus, you get gadgets and there's a prize draw at the end. Should I carry on?

Yesterday's theme for the social thing was 'Geek at Work'. Now that, and the speakers for the night, had me immediately keen on participating. We had the pleasure to meet Giuliana Giacummo (Microsoft Office), Emma Page (Evernote), Elisa Cortello (Hootsuite) and last but not least Hedwyg van Groenendaal (Prezi).

I enjoyed a little drink and a chat, met an old friend from Uni, laughed my lungs out, listened, tweeted like a crazy person, took pictures. Emma's speech was the one who really captured me. Evernote is a tool I always wanted to use, but never fully understood. Now it's all clear, and I predict some serious elephant addiction coming my way! Overall, all of the presentations were great, short but full of meaning, and they all gave us super useful tips for our everyday activities, at work but also at home. Did you know that in the new version of Word (2013), you can treat a document like it's a blog post and then send it directly to publishing? Call me what you want, I sure didn't. But that's something that would save me a lot of useless transport of documents. A minute here, another minute there, I could go shopping or something instead!

Cutting to the chase, I came home with 1 year of Microsoft Office Home Premium in an 8GB drive, 2 months HootSuite Pro + HootSuite University and a HootKit, 3 months Evernote Premium and a t-shirt, plus a pair of crazy white sunglasses from Prezi. But most of all, I came home with the reassurance that there's a lot of wonderful ladies out there who, like me, really love all this, whatever you wanna call it. I'm proud to be a Geek. Capital G. Are you?


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Sono appena arrivata nel tuo blog, davvero splendido post !!!
Ne sarei davvero felice se ti andrebbe di seguirci a vicenda ??...fammi sapere

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